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You’ve probably all heard of a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, and you’re probably pretty aware they’re more popular than ever before. And for good reasons. There are a huge number of VPNs on the market these days at a snip of their previous cost, seeing an explosion of new users.

Those offering the best VPN service have a large range of benefits, with some of the top brands offering programs which can help both individual and business users.


Below you’ll find the top 5 reasons you’ll want to use a VPN

1. Anonymous Browsing
Perhaps the main benefit, which spawns many others, is the fact you can browse the web anonymously. The way a VPN works is by connecting to a different server in order to camouflage your IP address and completely bypass identifying you.

2. Get Past Geoblocking
This in turn allows you to get past geoblocking. Geoblocks are one of the key reasons people use VPNs, allowing users to set their server to one in a different country and access all content limited by geoblocking. This is incredibly useful, particularly when traveling, as the likes of Netflix and other on-demand services only allowing content to be accessed in certain countries. In Europe, regulations have been changed slightly, but still many services have geoblocks in place.

3. Access Any Online Content
It isn’t just geoblocks which limit your browsing capability. VPNs are also ideal for when in countries that have strict censorship. Internet censorship is rife all over the world, with many countries blocking social media channels and monitoring browsing. A VPN will allow you to browse anonymously and access content just as you would at home whether that be social media, news channels and much more.

Additionally, you can also use the same methods in public or private spaces that have blocking on certain websites. For example, the school you work in may block Facebook so children can’t access it.

4. Added Security
By browsing anonymously, you’re adding an extra layer of security to you, especially if you’re regularly using public connections. It will boost your security posture against hackers and spammers because a VPN allows you to browse on a separate server, meaning your information won’t be on the public connection. You don’t know who’s also connected to Wi-Fi in a coffee shop or airport lounge, so a VPN is well worth using purely for security purposes.

The high level of encryption used with VPNs means that it’s almost impossible for hackers to access your information.

5. Remote Access For Businesses
The extra level of security is also useful for businesses. Many companies operate using internal tools with employees required to use them outside of office space. A remote access VPN allows employees to enter business tools and resources securely. This is perfect for employees who spend large amounts of time working from home or on the road as it doesn’t limit how they can work and ultimately affect your business’s output.



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