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Desktop environmentsDefault desktop is GNOME. Other desktop environments supported are: Plasma (KDE), Budgie, Cinnamon, Enlightenment, FVWM-Crystal, GNUstep, LXDE, LXQT, Mate, Notion WM, Sugar, Xfce, Window Maker.

Info on all desktop environments and Window Managers supported by Debian are available here
Graphical installerDebian Installer
Full disk encryptionDebian Installer has support for full disk encryption
Download latest ISO imagesClick here to download the latest, stable edition of Debian.
For containersNone
For IoTNone
Supported hardwarei386, amd64, arm64, armhf, armel, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x. Access info on all architectures here
Official docsOfficial user docs are available here
Official forumGet help here
ContributeDo you have coding skills? Find out how you can contribute to Debian by visiting this page
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11 Responses

  1. I agree debian is the best linux distribution, i have mine setup to perfection i modified the grub2 and have it duel booting win 7 and lenny to choose on startup just did advanced install and a xorg gnome-core gdm, to get a nice basic system and build what i wanted on it from there, and you can have a gui firewall firestarter like i have and moblock IP blocker, if you want to learn debian is a solid choice for a OS.

  2. I think the reviewer misses what Debian is .. A pretty advanced distribution designed for the Linux savvy…

    You will never see a graphical firewall in Debian, you will never get included codecs etc – and I for one am happy for that. If ever there was any lawsuit against Linux Debian could not be brought down, et al.

    Debian’s strengths like Slackware – lay in it’s ‘barebones’ philosophy it allows one to build a desktop, a server, a machine, anything you want.

    If you want a ‘Desktop’ ready distribution just download Ubuntu or Mepis (I think it’s based on Debian.)

    I like my Debian the way it is — what sort of install do you want? — Web Server? Yes – > Done. — Nice and simple.

      1. “You will never see a graphical firewall in Debian,”

        You would do if you installed Firestarter which is listed in the repository!

  3. By the way: Ubuntu is based on a Debian testing snapshot. Testing can’t be so bad then. Sidux is based on Debian SID, but it isn’t unstable at all if you check the Sidux page before a dist-upgrade…

  4. Just 2 corrections:

    1. “For a bootloader, GRUB (GRand Unified Bootloader) is your only option”. It’s not true. LILO and GRUB2 are also available. You can choose them using advanced install option.

    2. “To install those bleeding-edge applications from the unstable repo (squeeze)”. It also isn’t true. The unstable repo is sid and is really unstable. The testing repo (squeeze) is rather stable and gets security updates in regular fashion. Many people that use Debian as desktop OS choose testing repo for their needs.

  5. @-deadcats:

    Thanks for the correction. Don’t know how I messed that up. So true, RAID means “Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks”, and not “Random Array of Inexpensive Disks”.

    Btw, I should point out to you that the “D” is for Disks, and not Discs. 😉

  6. Um, RAID means “redundant array of inexpensive discs” at least originally. Now it’s sometimes taken to sometimes mean “redundant array of independent discs.”

    But that’s OK. My wife, a life-long systems database applications developer (30 years), still refers to SQL as “sequential query language” (rather than “structured query language.”

    But, hey–my 1992 Novell Networking dictionary listed over 5,000 acronyms at that time. How in the world could anyone possibly remember the multitude of acronyms in existence today? 🙂


  7. “Finally, Debian’s browsers should come with all the plugins needed to render multimedia and other special content (java applets, for example) on the Web.”

    Since that is against one of the main philosophies of the distro, that won’t happen.

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