With hundreds of Linux and BSD distributions available, the task of finding a distribution which fits your specific needs can be daunting. To make finding one that fit your needs, or finding one that you can customize easily to meet your needs, all distributions reviewed and listed on this site are placed in functional categories. Looking for a desktop-oriented Linux distribution? Look no further than the Desktop & Server category. There you will find distributions listed in alphabetical order. Trying to find a suitable firewall or router distribution? No problem, there is a category for that, too. What about a NAS/SAN, VoIP or Telephony distribution? Ditto.

To also make it easy to find reviews and tutorials written for a specific distribution, every distribution has its own category. You can find the most recent reviews and tutorials listed on each distributions “home” page.

We hope that, if you are already a Linux or BSD user and are looking to try another distro (distro-hopping, as we call it), or you are a Windows users, and looking to try out your first Linux/BSD operating system, that you will find this site useful.

Shifting focus:

At its launch, the focus of this website was providing original and detailed tutorials and reviews about Linux and other UNIX-like operating systems, and posting news articles and commentaries related to free and open source software.

Starting November 13 2013, this focus has expanded. Yes, there will still be those detailed tutorials and reviews, but any technology-related news will also be covered, even if not related to free and open source software. There will be more coverage of hardware, including those on and about mobile computing devices.