Fedora 17 GNOME, KDE, LXDE and Xfce beta: Last before the final

Screen shots from a test installation of the LXDE Spin starts here. The first one is of the login screen.
Fedora 17 Beta LXDE Login

This one shows installed Internet applications.
Fedora 17 Beta LXDE Desktop

Installed multimedia applications.
Fedora 17 Beta LXDE Desktop Menu

Entries in the Preferences menu category.
Fedora 17 Beta LXDE Desktop System Tools

And this is what you see when you attempt to shutdown the system.
Fedora 17 Beta LXDE Shutdown

Screen shots from a test installation of the Xfce Spin starts here. When you first log into a new installation, you are presented with the option shown in the screen shot below.
Fedora 17 Beta Xfce Panel

This is what the desktop looks like.
Fedora 17 Beta Xfce Desktop

The desktop with the menu showing installed Internet applications.
Fedora 17 Beta Xfce Internet Apps

Installed Office applications.
Fedora 17 Beta Xfce Office Apps

Installed multimedia applications.
Fedora 17 Beta Xfce Multimedia Apps

Attempting to play an MP3 file with the installed music player, does not even work. This has more to do with Fedora Project’s philosophical stance on software licensing than on the capability of the music player.
Fedora 17 Beta Xfce Music Player

And this is what you see when you attempt to shutdown the system.
Fedora 17 Beta Xfce Shutdown

This final screen shot shows Yum Extender, the installed graphical package manager on the Xfce Spin.
Fedora 17 Beta Xfce Yum Extender

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