Software development

The Broad Concept Of Software Development
Typically, software creation is associated with programming to create a tool needed for a given purpose. However, there is an entire life cycle associated with the concept. Thus, the program/application, the framework, the software components must first be conceived, elaborated, and designed. Later, it would be implemented by programming, testing, fixing all the possible bugs. Finally, it would be deployed and maintained.

Software development

The Software Development Industry
The industry is huge and constantly growing, with many companies being less than a decade in the business and lots of new technologies being introduced only a few years ago. However, it doesn’t mean that companies have not grown to significant proportions in this short period. One of the big players with a global presence is, which, at 10 years since its founding, employs about 600 experts from Eastern Europe. It has also built a remarkable client portfolio (with members of fortune 500 in the list).

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Given the highly dynamic nature of the market, where being at the forefront of innovation can result in a huge competitive advantage while failing to keep up with new technologies can lead to a fast meltdown, many such companies are simply obliged to integrate the most up-to-date techniques and tools in order to survive.

Software development

Finding The Perfect Development Company
If your goal is to contract a top company to execute your project, here are several pointers to guide you in your search:

  • the number of former and current clients, most reputable partners, typical partners
  • client testimonials/reviews (both in terms of results, as well as in terms of experience and workflow)
  • number of years in business (experience on the market)
  • success stories
  • awards
  • the spectrum of industries covered
  • availability and location
  • technologies that are being used (including emerging ones)
  • the diversity of platforms and operating systems covered (including devices, web technologies, cloud computing platforms, etc.)
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Finally, it’s all up to the size of the project your business needs and available resources.

The Importance of IT Consultancy
Of particular importance is the quality of IT consulting a company offers. IT consultants should be able to help you to improve the overall software architecture, to create a strategy and a vision both with regard to the contracted project as well as to its general place in the entire scheme of things (the entire software portfolio can be optimized).

High-quality consulting services would help to synchronize your demands and expectations with developers, would bring reassurance about the technological path undertaken in implementation, and would help you to better understand your own needs with regards to the product.

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