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Install a graphical package manager on Kali Linux 2021.3

GNOME Software

If you used my last tutorial to install Kali Linux 2021.3 on your MacBook Air in dual-boot fashion with Ubuntu 20.04, I’m sure you noticed that there’s no graphical package manager installed by default on Kali Linux. I noticed that too, but GNOME Software, the first one I installed and the default graphical package manager for the GNOME desktop, is broken. Couldn’t get it to find me anything. Its image is what you see in the featured image above.

So I searched the package database and found 3 graphical package managers that you can install on Kali Linux 2021.3 that work. Here I present them to you in not-in-alphabetical order. Note that all 3 will install and uninstall any application for you. I just prefer Muon and Synaptic because they have a live search feature.


Muon package manager

Muon is a graphical package manager for the KDE desktop environment. sudo apt install muon will install it for you.

Muon package manager

Figure 2: Main interface of the Muon graphical package manager.


Synaptic package manager

Synaptic is an old timer, compared to Muon and Apper. To install it, use the sudo apt install synaptic command.

Synaptic package manager

Figure 3: Main interface of the Synaptic graphical package manager.


Apper package manager

Apper is another graphical package manager for the KDE desktop environment. Use the sudo apt install apper command to install it.

Apper package manager

Figure 4: Main interface of the Apper graphical package manager.


Those are the 3 graphical package managers I could install on Kali Linux 2021.3 and that work. Know of any other? Post in the comments section.



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1 year ago

not bad… boss..

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