Linux Mint website offline

Linux Mint 17.3 was supposed to have been released at the end of last month, but that seems to have been delayed until further notice.

And that could be linked to the fact that the developers and administrators are still busing trying to bring the main website and forums back online, which has been down since yesterday.

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At about early hours of yesterday, the site was completely offline, and remained that way all day.

Today, if you try to access the website, you’ll get the message shown in the screen shot below. So let’s hope they succeed in fixing whatever the problem is and get back to working on releasing Linux Mint 17.3, which should feature Cinnamon 2.8.

Linux Mint website offline
Linux Mint website offline message


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11 Responses

  1. Linux Mint 17.3 was approved for stable release a few days ago (see – The ISOs are actually available on several mirrors (example – but those URLs are not widely known to the general public. The announcement for new versions starts on the official website and this will obviously be delayed until the website is back up and running… Once announced on the official website, the announce propagates “down stream” to other locations. The official mirrors are directly linked on the official website – again, those links won’t be available until the official website is restored… but feel free to D/L LM17.3 from any of the official mirrors that you can find – (linked above) is just one of the official mirrors…

    If you are already running Linux Mint 17.x, there will be a 1 click upgrade path in Mint Update in about a week or 2 (if the Mint team follows previous upgrade schemes used in earlier versions of LM17.x).

    Enjoy the Mint! 😉

  2. The ISOs for Mint 17.3 have been available on a number of other mirrors for a day or so. Sounds a bit like the mint website had a major failure or was compromised.

    1. Not knowing why the site is down, it’s not a very good idea to download Linux Mint 17.3 form any source. Better wait for an official announcement.

      If the site is down, and it’s still down at this moment, because of some compromise, those mirrors offering the download could easily be offering users tainted ISO images.

      I’ll wait!

      1. If the currently available ISOs were indeed compromised or tainted in some way, it is extremely unlikely that they’d still be available, unchanged, several days later — which they still are.

        1. Well, we can put this to rest because they’ve been offline not because of an attack, but because of disk failure, which, according to their statement, is pretty bad.

          The main site is still offline. And this is Day 3.

  3. Softpedia has 17.3 ISOs for download, published yesterday or the day before.

    I’ve got a feeling either the mint website is being revamped for 17.3. Or, there was a problem with the distro and this is a delaying tactic.

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