Deploying Machine Learning workloads in Kubernetes clusters that support GPUs

Deploying Machine Learning workloads in Kubernetes clusters that support GPUs is a half-day class that will be conducted by Canonical, the parent company of Ubuntu, at the Cloud-Native, Docker & K8s Summit, a 2-day conference that will take place in Dallas, Texas (USA), from September 12 -13, 2018.

The class is one of two (2) classes that will be conducted on Day 1 of the conference. before conference presentations start on Day 2. The other class is Docker and Kubernetes fundamentals. Both classes will be free to all registered attendees of the conference on a first come, first serve basis.

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Kubernetes skills are in high demand, so this is an opportunity to add a very valuable skillset to your resume. Early-bird registration is still on, so head on over to Eventbrite and register to reserve your seat for one or both classes. For more information, visit the conference website at https://container-days.com.

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