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That unstable ProtonVPN connection in the US

ProtonVPN USA connection

One of the benefits of being a paying user of ProtonMail at the Visionary level is that use of the ProtonVPN service is included in your plan. At a time when good virtual private network (VPN) services cost about $10/month, that’s actually a good deal. What’s even better is that Proton Technologies AG, the Swiss company that develops the services, said ProtonVPN apps have been released, the source code audited and open-sourced.

Being based in the USA, I primarily connect to ProtonVPN servers based in Europe. However, on occasions, I have to connect to the lone ProtonVPN server based in the USA. After more than one year of use, I’ve noticed that it is the most unstable ProtonVPN connection available. It’s almost always a given that when I connect to the US-based server, I’ll eventually have to deal with a failed connection or one that’s trying to reconnect.

ProtonVPN USA connection

Available ProtonVPN connections.

Not so for the European connections, so I’ve come to rely on them almost exclusively, except for when I have to watch a video on YouTube that’s blocked to users outside of the USA or North America. other than that, the ProtonVPN service is a good service. I use it mostly on my Mac, but, of course, there’s a Linux client too.

ProtonVPN settings

ProtonVPN settings



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