FreeNAS is now TrueNAS Core

TrueNAS Core

iXsystems, the company behind the development of FreeNAS, the free software network attached storage distribution, has announced that the popular NAS distribution will now be known as TrueNAS Core. And that was was formerly known as TrueNAS will now be called TrueNAS Enterprise. It’s a renaming and a unification at the same time. With the popularity of cloud storage services, I thought distributions like FreeNAS would be going the way of the dodo, but apparently not.

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Here’s an excerpt from the announcement:

There will be two different editions: TrueNAS CORE and TrueNAS Enterprise. Without any license keys, TrueNAS CORE provides all the same, unrestricted FreeNAS functionality you know and love, while the source code will still be Open Source and forever free to use. TrueNAS Enterprise will enable an extended feature set using a license key on supported platforms. This move elevates FreeNAS to the enterprise-grade quality levels of TrueNAS to further cement its position as the world’s #1 Open Storage OS.

You may read the complete announcement here.

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