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Creativity: The key to the Virtual Reality gambling experience of the future

AI and virtual reality

Virtual reality has infinite possibilities. It’s the kind of technology that can be embraced by just about any industry in the world. We’ve already seen the widespread adoption of VR in the travel, tourism, healthcare, automotive, retail and online gambling spaces. And here are the reasons why that adoption is taking place.

AI and virtual reality

1. Window Shopping for Couch Potatoes
VR provides brands with the opportunity to showcase their products and services without potential clients having to do much more than pull on a headset and click a few tabs. It’s window shopping for couch potatoes. Thanks to hardware like Oculus Rift and Google Daydream – and some juiced up fibre – you and I can experience the sleek lines and awesome power of the latest model sports coupe, seriously quick superbike and oh so elite and elegant super yacht.

2. Top Travel in PJs
We can get up close and personal with the most remote and visually awesome natural attractions on planet Earth… while sitting in our striped jammies in bed. If you live in some Trumpian sh*t hole far away, you can even benefit from the keen eye of top surgeons tracking surgeries from some Utopian paradise half way across the world. In short, virtual reality has transformed the wide world into an always accessible shared micro-verse.

3. VR Entertainment: The King of Cash  

4. VR Video Games vs Online Casino Games

5. VR Gambling Emulating Las Vegas

6. Slots and Showgirls

7. Wade In to Wonderful and Enjoy Genuine Dollar Wins  
You can wink, chat, bluff and bluster as you would at the WSOP, where Texas Hold’em is always the main event. When you’ve had your fill of anteing up, watching as the roulette wheel spins and spins and waiting for the reels to stop, stand and deliver genuine dollar wins, there’s so much more to see and do.
You can head directly for the elevator, enter into its plush surrounds and press the little button on the console. You’ll whizz right up to the top floor of an impossibly high-rise building at an impossible high speed and enjoy sweeping 360-degree views of a futuristic city slumbering way below… now that’s pretty awesome. Synch you real sips with your virtual exploration and you can drink scotch, martini or tequila at the bar and keep a roving eye out for a prospective conquest avatar who literally spans both worlds!

‘Where To’ When an Emulated Vegas Won’t Do?

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