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Manjaro Linux 15.12 KDE preview

Manjaro 15.12 Storage Service Manager

The second release candidate of what will become Manjaro Linux 15.12 was released yesterday. This article offers a preview of the KDE edition with screenshots taken from a test installation.

If you’re new to Manjaro Linux, it is a desktop distribution, and one of the very few desktop distributions based on Arch Linux. Antergos is another one of those.

When the final, stable edition is released, Manjaro Linux 15.12 will be code-named Capella, and the KDE edition will ship with KDE Plasma 5.5, so the following screenshots should give you a sneak preview of that edition of KDE Plasma 5.

This, is a screenshot of the default desktop. It features the Maia theme.

Manjaro 15.12 KDE desktop

Figure 1: Manjaro 15.12 KDE desktop

The desktop showing the panel calendar.

Manjaro 15.12 KDE panel calendar

Figure 2: Manjaro 15.12 KDE desktop showing the desktop panel calendar

The default menu style is a much improved Kickoff menu.

Manjaro 15.12 KDE menu

Figure 3: Manjaro 15.12 KDE desktop showing the default menu

The latest KDE Plasma 5 desktop offers four menu styles to choose from. Unlike previous editions of KDE, however, switching from one style to the other is as simple as selecting one from the context menu of the menu’s icon itself.

Manjaro 15.12 KDE menu options

Figure 4: Menu choices on Manjaro 15.12 KDE

Of the four menu styles, my favorite is the fullscreen Application Dashboard, shown here in Figure 5.

KDE Plasma 5 fullscreen application dashboard

Figure 5: Full screen applications dashboard of KDE on Manjaro 15.12

The default application set features the Steam client, but no other game application.

Steam client Manjaro 15.12 KDE

Figure 6: Steam client is the lone game installed on Manjaro 15.12 KDE

Adding widgets to the panel.

Manjaro 15.12 KDE widgets

Figure 7: Widget management view of the KDE desktop on Manjaro 15.12

The Dolphin file manager.

KDE Dolphin file manager

Figure 8: Dolphin file manager on Manjaro 15.12 KDE

The Kernel module of System Settings makes it easy to manage available kernel.

Manjaro 15.12 kernel manager

Figure 9: Kernel manager module of KDE System Settings on Manjaro 15.12

And the Filelight application lets you see disk usage across the file system in a visually-appealing manner.

KDE Filelight disk usage tool

Figure 10: Filelight disk usage tool on Manjaro 15.12 KDE

The Systemd module takes the pain out of managing system services.

KDE Systemd module

Figure 11: Systemd module of KDE’s System Settings on Manjaro 15.12

With the Storage Service Manager, cloud storage platforms can be integrated into the system. Supported platforms include Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Manjaro 15.12 Storage Service Manager

Figure 12: Storage Service Manager on Manjaro 15.12 KDE

Manjaro 15.12 should be released soon, but if you’ll like to test drive it before then, download links and the complete Release Notes are available from here.



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Hosted VoIP
Hosted VoIP
7 years ago

Hey LinuxBSDos,

Great post on Manjaro Linux. I haven’t used it yet but I was hoping to integrate it with my VoIP system. Thanks to your screenshots, I have a good idea of what I would be working with.


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