Flatcar: A tool for creating Docker-ready Rails projects

One of the most compelling reasons to use Ruby on Rails is the ease in which you can get a web project up and running. And one of Docker’s key benefits is freedom from “dependency hell”.

In his prior post, Mike Arnold (@dharmamike) provided a 5-Step guide on how to setup In-container Rails development on your local machine using Docker Compose.

After over a year of developing with Docker and Rails, the Labs team wanted an easier method for creating Docker-ready Rails projects. That was the genesis behind the gem now available on Github, Flatcar.

Flatcar provides a single CLI command that sets up a Rails development environment with data volume and persistent database support, enabling you to use your preferred IDEs or other dev tools, while including just the application code in the final container build.

Installation and Dependencies

Provided you have Ruby installed, you also need to have Docker and Docker Compose on your machine in order for Flatcar to work. If you are on Linux, … Continue reading.


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