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Clustering Atomic Hosts with Kubernetes, Ansible, and Vagrant

A single Atomic Host is a fine place to run your containers, but these hosts are much more fun when bunched into clusters, a task that we can manage with the help of Kubernetes.

There are a lot of great guides for setting up a Kubernetes cluster, but my favorite involves Ansible and Aagrant, and lives in the Kubernetes contrib repository on Github.

This install method can be used with the libvirt, VirtualBox or OpenStack Vagrant providers. You can also use the Ansible scripts on their own, if Vagrant isn’t your thing.


To follow along, you’ll need a machine with Vagrant and a provider for libvirt, VirtualBox, or OpenStack. I typically use libvirt on Fedora, but I’ve had success with VirtualBox on Fedora as well – if someone wants to test this with VirtualBox and Windows or OS X, please let me know if it works.

I’m using Fedora 22, and this command pulled in the specific dependencies I needed dnf install -y vagrant-libvirt libvirt-devel gcc gcc-c++ ruby-devel

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Project Atomic

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