Honda Connect

Honda Connect in-vehicle infotainment system has Tegra inside and runs Android

Honda Connect is an in-vehicle infotainment system built on a Tegra processor and runs Android, specifically, Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

It is, according to NVIDIA, the “first infotainment system using embedded Android as the operating system running on Tegra.”

According to the NVIDIA blog post announcing the device, Honda Connect:

… will deliver a touchscreen experience that’s much like a smartphone or tablet. It’s intuitive to use, with clear, crisp graphics that are simple to understand and navigate. Drivers and passengers will get a fast response when using gestures like pinch, zoom and swipe.

The 7-inch display features a customizable home screen, allowing drivers to personalize their experience. And, drivers will have access to the Honda App Center, where they can download and install their favorite apps for music, podcasts and information.

The 2015 model of Honda Civic, Civic Tourer and CR-V will be the first vehicle to ship with Honda Connect, and that will be on the European models. Honda Connect looks nice, but a standalone infotainment system that can be used on any car is a much better idea.

Honda Connect

Honda Connect in-vehicle infotainment system with a Tegra-based hardware and Android OS

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