Springseed alien error

The pain of trying to install a .deb package on Fedora using Alien

During my search for a good Markdown text editor for Linux, I came across a few that had binary installation only for Debian and Ubuntu distributions. See The search for a usable Markdown editor for my Linux desktop.

Because my main Linux desktop is powered for Fedora, I decided to find an alternate method of installing those applications other than compiling them from source. Call it a lazy approach, but sometimes you have to find shortcuts.

The only other method that I am aware of is to use alien to convert the .deb package to a .rpm package, then install the generated RPM package using either yum or alien itself. Unfortunately, all my attempts at that failed.

Here’s what happened.

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1. For Atom, the best Markdown-capable editor that I came across, the reason it failed was because libchromiumcontent.so was required, but it could not be installed. There’s a lengthy discussion about issues with libchromiumcontent.so on GitHub, but no suggestion there solved the installation attempt of an alien-generated file.
Atom libchromiumcontent.so

2. For Haroopad, another very good Markdown-capable editor, the problem was with libudev.so.0. I spend almost three hours trying to find a workaround to this one. Yep, I tried symlinking to libudev.so.1.5.x and libudev.so.1 but it didn’t work. I even tried yum distro-sync to no avail.
Haroopad libudev.so.0

3. The last attempt was with Springseed, but the reason for failure was slightly different. Couldn’t make head or tail out of the error, so I gave up on it. Will take another stab at it later.
Springseed alien error

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So using alien to generate an RPM package from a DEB package is easy. Installing the generated RPM package is where the headache awaits. By the way, to install alien on Fedora, type: yum install alien.

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