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Interesting articles on Data Science, and a cool image

Data Science and cool graphics.

I’ve always loved cool, eye-catching graphics. Who doesn’t?

Data Science? That’s the hottest field in the job market right now. And I think will remain so for as long as data remains currency. I guess that’s why I’ve been retraining myself to become a Data Science person.

So put those two together and you’ve got my attention. That’s why I’m linking to a post by a Data Science company. The articles referenced in the posts are very interesting in their own right, but the accompanying (info)graphics is just as interesting – visually.

The post, blandly titled This Month In Data Science, references several articles, one of which is titled Forget GMOs. The Future of Food Is Data — Mountains of It. Even if you don’t click to read the article, I hope you enjoy this cool image. What better way to ring in October!

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