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Presearch is building a blockchain-based search engine

Presearch is a Canadian crypto-startup building a blockchain-based search engine to take on Google. It is officially described as a decentralized search engine powered by the community.

As with crypto-starttups, the company is giving everybody the opportunity to get in on the ground floor by way of a token sale. Actually, this is the Lot 3 token sale, and each token is going for $0.15 USD, and you can get those after you create an account using BTC, ETH, or USD.

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And by getting your tokens using my referral link, you’ll be helping to support this website. So go ahead and get those tokens. Who knows what they might be worth in the future.

The blockchain revolution is just getting under way. This is one small chance to get a piece of the action. Since this round started yesterday, 40% of the tokens have already been sold, so hurry, if you want some!

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  1. Haven’t they heard about Yacy? Yacy even doesn’t require any money, just adding your node to index or add content.

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