Presearch is a Canadian crypto-startup building a blockchain-based search engine to take on Google. It is officially described as a decentralized search engine powered by the community.

As with crypto-starttups, the company is giving everybody the opportunity to get in on the ground floor by way of a token sale. Actually, this is the Lot 3 token sale, and each token is going for $0.15 USD, and you can get those after you create an account using BTC, ETH, or USD.

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And by getting your tokens using my referral link, you’ll be helping to support this website. So go ahead and get those tokens. Who knows what they might be worth in the future.

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The blockchain revolution is just getting under way. This is one small chance to get a piece of the action. Since this round started yesterday, 40% of the tokens have already been sold, so hurry, if you want some!


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10 Responses

  1. This is becoming a headache. but after you set up simple mining…where do you go from there? do you have to sign up with dwarfpool, where do i get wallets from, etc. you need a video showing all the way to when you get your profits.

  2. I just dropped Mint after ~5 years. It seems that the Ubuntu based distros have a nasty habit of playing with video drivers. I’ve had to spend hours after (6?) upgrades over the past 5 years. They revert to open source and cause all sorts of problems. I run NVidea for my large monitor and Intel onboard for laptop monitor. Each of these six or more times, the config was swapped out even though I said no to changes.

  3. Try FluenOS. It is an operating system and management platform dedicated for mining cryptocurrencies on GPU. It’s First Open Source ( GPL licence and source code awailable) and free (of charge also 🙂 ) – visit

  4. Hi Miners!
    We here at PiMP do our best to support small miners; we are By Miners, For Miners. We do have large farm customers, but our focus is on making mining easy for small and entry level miners by pre-installing all the drivers and tools.
    We offer a lot of free support both in our Discord and our forum, please feel free to check them out if you have any questions both before and after you decide to buy.
    Our team has been developing PiMP for over 6 years now! I am not certain what finid meant, but we do sometimes offer rewards for people who like to get involved with our beta and support programs.
    Thank you for your support,

    1. You guys are running something akin to a scam when it comes to your job offers, because your “rewards for people who like to get involved with our beta and support programs” is advertised as a job, when it is not. That’s a scam!

  5. Whats defines a better linux distro for mining so? The available graphics drivers on it? You say PiMP is 4.5GB size; this is very large! I wonder a minimun size + security issues as the most important features

    1. Gave up on PiMP as I had too much issues with it and the dev is pulling a scam with his “job offers”. Best to install all the mining software and gpu drivers you need on your own distro on SSD.

    1. Unless you have a mining farm, not worth it. Just install the mining software you need on a regular desktop or server distro, that is it. Better with a stripped down desktop distro.

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