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Have you seen Anaconda’s new UI?

Software selection. As shown here, the left pane is where you select your choice of desktop environment (Desktop Environment), and the right pane (Add-ons) is where you select specific software or software categories to install. And this is where I think the developers got too cute, too detailed than is necessary.

For example, Firefox by itself is an add-on.
Anaconda Add-on Firefox

But there is a separate add-on category called Graphical Internet. Last time I checked, Firefox is a graphical Internet application and in a running system, you will find it under the Internet menu category.
Anaconda Add-on Internet

There is separate add-on category called Office/Productivity.
Anaconda Add-on Office

But LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) has its own add-on office category. I did not know that LXDE has its own office productivity suite or is this LibreOffice with the look and feel of LXDE?
Anaconda Add-on Office

Same thing with Xfce. And there are many more examples where this granularity in package selection just does not make too much sense.
Anaconda Add-on Office

Disk or storage configuration is where the new Anaconda will take some getting used to. It is not as intuitive as it should be. In the current Anaconda, this aspect is very straightforward to configure, but this new interface does not appear to be so.
Anaconda Disk Setup

This is the manual partitioning interface. I find the current one much simpler and better.
Anaconda Disk Setup

Creating a mount point. At this stage, there is no pre-defined mount points to choose from, but this is still a pre-release version. Could change when stable rolls out.
Anaconda Set Mount Point

This is the partition-level view of the manual partitioning window. I am still getting used to it.
Anaconda Set Mount Point

Four Device Types are defined.

And there are three options in the Technology dropdown menu. Not much to say here since I am still getting used to it. But stay tuned, more to come. My overall assessment, though, is this: yes, some parts look good, but the disk partitioning aspect could be better.

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