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Linux Mint 10 review

If you have used Synaptic, you know that you can select multiple applications for installation, and then install all at the same time. With the Software Manager, however, you can only install one application at a time. Each installation requires user-authentication, with no option for the system to remember the password. If you have to install, say, six applications, it means that you will be required to type in your password six times. I think a better approach should be to either have a mechanism for the system to remember the password for the duration of the session, or to provide a means to select multiple applications for installation, just as it is with Synaptic.

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The Software Manager allows users to post reviews and rate applications. Like most rating systems, the intent is to help users identify the best or most popular applications. However, I find that most of the reviews are meaningless one-liners.

Application reviews

Out of the box, Linux Mint’s updates manager is configured to check for updates 30 seconds after boot up and every 15 minutes thereafter. By comparison, the update manager on Ubuntu and Mandriva are set up (out of the box) to check for updates once daily and every five minutes respectively.

Available updates

The Updates Manager’s history feature lets you see an updates history of the system.

Update history

Administrative Tools: All graphical administrative tools are accessible from System > Control Center, and separately from Applications > Administration, and Applications > Preferences. A graphical administrative tool worth a look here is mintBackup. With mintBackup, you can easily make a backup and restore of your files, and of installed applications.


mintBackup is most useful when you need to backup your home folder to an external device.

File backup options

And you can select specific file and folders to be excluded in a backup operation.

Backup options

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  2. thank you i love that os its very good on it now lol tried ubuntu n mint i like Pinguy best but i am thinking of getting a Macbook Pro so i know all hardware works out of the box and virtual box linux

  3. What security features do Linux Mint 10 provide for the user?

  4. Hi, I’m a new user to Linux… I have downloaded Linux mint 10 from the Linux website but, when i tried to install it on my Desktop, i’m unable to complete the installation because when it comes to the window “”who are you?”” My forward button shows as Unavailable… I have filled all the fields correctly but still no result…. Please Help….

    • That could only happen if you neglected to fill a required field. If you can, grab a screenshot of the step you are having issues with and post at the forum.

  5. That review is really impressive. A friend of mine also did a review of Linux Mint 10 on my blog and I need to get it but I am a big fan of Mac computers.

  6. Mint is just another respin of Ubuntu that uses the Ubuntu installer, the Ubuntu package management system, and the ubuntu security updates. There is a Mint version using pure debian, but it is very unstable and has a security hole in it.

  7. I’ll be giving this a try tonight as a development environment via virtualbox.

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  9. In this reviews first sentence you claim that Mint 10 is based on Ubuntu, but as I recall this version of mint is based on Debian rather than Ubuntu and that mint is trying to distance itself from Ubuntu. Is this incorrect?

  10. Impressive menu thingy. I can see the kde people wanting to nick it. And why shouldn’t they? Open source is like that.

  11. Can you please review Pinguy OS 10.10?

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