Sabayon 5.4 review

Final Thoughts – I have not reviewed the GNOME edition of Sabayon 5.4, so I cannot say anything about it. However, if you intend to run the KDE edition, be prepared for a few applications crashes. For example, Sulfur, the graphical package manager, crashed a few times. Technically, the current version ( is not in stable territory yet so this should not come as a surprise.

Aside from a few application crashes, you should also be aware that most of the issues raised in Sabayon 5.3 review, were not even addressed in this latest release (A graphical firewall client was installed – finally). That is why I find it very difficult to understand why it was even necessary to roll out another version, less than four months after Sabayon 5.3 was released.

And like I wrote in the beginning of this review, be prepared for at least one more release before the end of this year., which brings up another question: Why is it even necessary to be rolling out four versions of a distribution per year? Why? If there were earth-shattering features introduced with each release, it would be excusable, but these Sabayon releases, like most other Linux and BSD distribution releases, offer nothing more than a few applications and kernel updates.

The one truly bright spot on Sabayon is XBMC media center. XBMC is one of the best Free Software/Open Source applications that we have, and it is really heartening to see it fully integrated into a distribution. View some screenshots of XBMC.

Resources – Read other reviews and tutorials on Sabayon on this website. Read Sabayon 5.4 release announcement. Download installation images for Sabayon 5.4.

Screenshots – Enjoy a few screenshots from Sabayon 5.4 KDE.

Kickoff-style menu on a default Sabayon 5.4 KDE desktop.


Kickoff-style on the default Sabayon 5.4 KDE desktop

Login window


Sabayon 5.4 login window

Sabayon KDE desktop showing the NetworkManager applet.


Desktop showing the NetworkManager applet

A few applications running on Sabayon 5.4 KDE.


A few application running on Sabayon 5.4 KDE

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