ZeroDB encrypted database

ZeroDB is a new database application with a very cool feature.

At a time when security is foremost in the minds of most people in this digital age, that feature is a must-have for any modern database application that aims to offer complete data security.

And that feature, is end-to-end encryption, which makes ZeroDB the latest in a very short list of databases that I’m aware of that’s marketed as an end-to-end encrypted database. A description of the project from an official blog post says that ZeroDB:

Enables end-to-end encrypted queries, enabling clients to retrieve records without exposing decrypted data to the database server. The familiar client-server architecture stays the same, but query logic and decryption keys are pushed client-side. Since the server has no insight into the nature of the data, the risk of a server-side data breach is eliminated. Even if attackers successfully infiltrate the server, they won’t have access to the cleartext data.

With todays announcement that ZeroDB is now open source, developers are invited to contribute and “build awesome things with it”. The short announcement, with links to the project’s GitHub page, may be read here.

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ZeroDB encrypted database


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