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Fedora 23 KDE screenshots

FirewallD firewall-applet

Fedora 23 is the latest edition of the Fedora Linux distribution, released just this week.

The first screenshots from a Fedora 23 test installation that I posted are from the Cinnamon Spin, which you may view here.

In this post are screenshots from a test installation of Fedora 23 KDE, the most popular of the Fedora Spins.

Fedora 23 KDE features the latest KDE Plasma 5. Figure 1 shows the login window.

Fedora 23 KDE login window

Figure 1: Fedora 23 KDE login window

The desktop showing the panel calendar.

Fedora 23 KDE panel calendar

Figure 2: Fedora 23 KDE desktop showing the panel calendar

The kickoff menu is the default menu style on Fedora 23 KDE.

Fedora 23 KDE desktop

Figure 3: Fedora 23 KDE desktop showing the default menu

Adding widgets to a KDE 5 panel is a 3-step process.

Fedora 23 KDE widgets

Figure 4: Adding widgets on Fedora 23 KDE

A widget you can add is the Application Dashboard, a fullscreen application launcher that’s just about the best available.

Fedora 23 KDE app dashboard

Figure 5: Fullscreen application launcher on Fedora 23 KDE

Dolphin file manager.

KDE Dolphin file manager

Figure 6: Dolphin file manager on Fedora 23 KDE

Apper is the installed graphical package manager on Fedora 23 KDE.

Fedora 23 Apper package manager

Figure 7: Fedora 23 Apper package manager

Packages updates on Apper.

Fedora 23 Apper package updates

Figure 8: Apper graphical package manager on Fedora 23 KDE

System Settings on Fedora 23 KDE.

KDE System Settings Fedora 23

Figure 9: KDE System Settings on Fedora 23

FirewallD is the default firewall application on all Fedora editions, and Firewall Applet is the systray component.

FirewallD firewall-applet

Figure 10: FirewallD’s firewall-applet on Fedora 23 KDE

Impressed by these screenshots and want to take Fedora 23 KDE out for a spin? ISO installation images are available for download from here.



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