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Use Convoy to Backup, Recover a WordPress MySQL database with Docker

Rancher Convoy

Convoy is an open-source Docker volume driver that can snapshot, backup and restore Docker volumes.

It is from the same folks responsible for RancherOS, one of several container-native operating systems solely designed to run containers, and the Rancher platform, an all-in-one infrastructure solution for running Docker containers.

Convoy is a recent release, and in this linked-to blog post, you’ll read how to put it to put it to use.

An excerpt from the article:

The latest release of Docker Engine now supports volume plugins, which allow users to extend Docker capabilities by adding solutions that can create and manage data volumes for containers that need to manage and operate on persistent datasets.This is especially important for databases, and addresses one of the key limitations in Docker.

Recently at Rancher we released Convoy, an open-source Docker volume driver that makes it simple to snapshot, backup, restore Docker volumes across clouds.

In this post I will put Convoy into action, by using Convoy to snapshot and backup a database state for a WordPress application, and will use the backup to create a replica in another datacenter. I’ll also cover incremental and scheduled backups, so that you can begin regularly backing up any stateful data running in containers.

Read the complete article here

Rancher Convoy



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