OpenSSH Windows 10

How to install OpenSSH on Windows 10

After upgrading to Windows 10, the next logical thing to do is install OpenSSH on it. Makes it easier to copy files from it to my Linux boxes when I’m writing Windows 10-related tutorials.

Installing OpenSSH on Windows 10 gives you access to commands that make it easy to securely copy files between computers and perform other security-related tasks.

To install OpenSSH on Windows 10, download the 64-bit binary from the project’s website. (There’s also a 32-bit binary, if you’d rather install that.)

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The project is very active and so the binary you’re going to download will be the very latest portable release, which at the time of this publication, is OpenSSH 6.9p1-1. Save the file to your Downloads folder. Then open the file manager, navigate to the Downloads folder and double-click on the file to begin installation. That should open a window just like the one shown in Figure 1.

Install OpenSSH Windows 10

Figure 1: Installing OpenSSH on Windows 10

Click Next, then click through the next four steps until you get to the one shown in Figure 2. Click Next again to accept the defaults.

OpenSSH Windows 10

Figure 2: Installing OpenSSH on Windows 10

You may accept the default port that the service should listen on, or change it to an unused high port within your network. Next.

OpenSSH listening port Windows 10

Figure 3: Set the OpenSSH listening port on Windows 10

You may also change the size of the key that will be generated, or accept the default. Next.

OpenSSH key length Windows 10

Figure 4: Set the OpenSSH key length on Windows 10

Unless you’re setting up a domain- or network-wide installation, accept the default here too. Next.

Local OpenSSH Windows 10

Figure 4: Local OpenSSH installation on Windows 10

After a minute or less, you should now have OpenSSH installed on your Windows 10 computer. Click Finish to close this window and enjoy. This is better than installing Cygwin just to get access to some Unix/Linux tools.

OpenSSH Windows 10

Figure 6: OpenSSH is now installed on Windows 10

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