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Fedora 21 Workstation: GNOME 3. KDE and Anaconda screenshots

Fedora 21 Workstation GNOME Classical menu

The alpha version of what will become Fedora 21 Workstation, which is scheduled for release before the end of this year (tentatively December 2 2014), was made available for download and testing yesterday.

Fedora Workstation is the branch of the distribution that’s designed primarily for use on the desktop. The other branches are Fedora Server and Fedora Cloud.

Separate ISO installation images for the GNOME 3 desktop, the main edition, and the KDE, LXDE. SoaS and Xfce desktops were released.

This article provides a few screenshots from test installations of the main edition, the KDE desktop, as well as a few screenshots of Anaconda, the Fedora system installer.

Fedora 21 Anaconda: Fedora’s graphical installer still has that not-so-friendly UI that nearly everybody has been critical of. But that all about I’m going to say about that UI, for now.
Fedora 21 Anaconda

This screenshot shows that Anaconda supports setting up RAID-0, RAID-1 and RAID-10 devices.
Fedora 21 Anaconda Btrfs RAID

This shows the default Btrfs partitions. LVM, the Linux Logical Volume Manager, is the default partitioning scheme.
Fedora 21 Anaconda Btrfs RAID

Fedora 21 GNOME 3: The current version of the GNOME 3 desktop is GNOME 3.13.19, which will likely be GNOME 3.14 when the stable version is released on December 2 (2014). This shows the login screen.
Fedora 21 GNOME 3 login

The default GNOME 3 desktop on Fedora 21 Workstation. Nice wallpaper.
Fedora 21 GNOME 3 desktop

The desktop showing the calendar.
Fedora 21 GNOME 3 calendar

A partial view of installed applications, most of which should be very familiar to you.
Fedora 21 GNOME 3 apps

The Sound Recorder I especially like, though I’m yet to play with it. When I install this release on real hardware, I’ll report on this application.
Fedora 21 GNOME 3 sound recorder

For developers, DevAssistant looks like a must-have app, though its website, is down. DevAssistant helps to automate the process of creating development environments for some of the most popular programming languages and development frameworks. This is one application I’ll also like to play with within the next few days.
Fedora 21 GNOME 3 devassistant

One more screenshot showing a few of the features supported by DevAssistant.
Fedora 21 GNOME devassistant

The next two screenshots are of the GNOME 3 Classical desktop. This one shows the Places menu.
Fedora 21 Workstation GNOME Classical

And this, the applications menu.
Fedora 21 Workstation GNOME Classical menu

Fedora 21 KDE: KDE 4.14 is the version that comes with this alpha release of Fedora 21. This screenshot shows the login screen.
Fedora 21 KDE login

And this, the default desktop.
Fedora 21 KDE desktop

Some usage information about the test installation. On this KDE test installation, I used the Btrfs file system. That’s why you see /home and /, the root file system, using the same device – /dev/sda2.
Fedora 21 KDE desktop apps

The KDE desktop, in grid view.
Fedora 21 KDE desktop grid

And finally, a screenshot of the KDE Plasma Netbook interface. If you care to test-drive any of the released editions of Fedora 21 alpha, installation images are available for download here.
Fedora 21 KDE netbook



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8 years ago

How to convert Fedora 21 Gnome to Fedora KDE plz provide that info

9 years ago

Love the look of KDE edition. And I’ve seen screenshots of Plasma 5 desktop by KDE. It looks fantastic.

9 years ago

Cant decide which is more ugly gnome or kde.

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