Ufw is the default firewall app on Linux Deepin 2013, the latest edition of Linux Deepin, a desktop distribution based on Ubuntu Desktop. This article shows how to replace it with FirewallD, a dynamic firewall application from the Fedora Linux.

Though Ufw has a command-line client that is easier to use, Firewalld brings a lot more features to the table, like the concept of network zones, which define trust levels for network connections or interfaces.

FirewallD comes with a panel applet aptly named firewall-applet, a graphical configuration interface called firewall-config, and a command line client called firewall-cmd. To install it from the command line, type sudo apt-get install firewall-applet. That will install everything you need to run the application.

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If you’d rather install it from a graphical interface, launch the Deepin Software Center by clicking on its icon on the dock. Then search for “firewall-applet.”
Search Firewalld Linux Deepin 2013

Click to install it.
Install Firewalld Linux Deepin 2013

After installation, you’ll want to either stop or uninstall ufw. To stop the daemon, type sudo service ufw stop. To uninstall the application, type sudo apt-get remove ufw.

Finally, you will want to start the Firewalld applet and make sure that it will also start on boot. To start it, search for it from the app launcher. It should appear on the dock. This screen shot shows the entries in the applets context menu.
Linux Deepin 2013 firewall-applet

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To make sure that it starts on each boot up, launch the System Settings by clicking on its icon on the dock. When it opens, click on the Default Applications module, then click on the Autostart tab. To add an entry for the applet, click on the New button. The command to add in the “Exec” field is firewall-applet. OK.

The entry for the applet should look like the one shown in this screen shot. That’s all you need to replace Ufw with Firewalld. More information about firewalld is available here.

This is a screen shot of Firewall-config’s interface.
Linux Deepin 2013 firewall-config


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81 Responses

  1. Very useful tutorial. I managed to install Backtrack 5 R3. But, after i used easy BCD to add the bt onto the bootloader list, when i enter into that at boot, all i get is,
    something like,

    Try (hd0,0): NTFS: No ang0
    Try (hd0,1): EXT2: _ ( <– flashing cursor)

    It stops right there. Tried waiting for around 10 mins. Got nothin. 🙁

    Upon my search, i cud only find that it is a problem created by Easy BCD. No lucid explanations anywhere. How can i get rid of it?


  2. hello friends i try to install backtrack from usb and when it start and i typed startx hit entre the screen just black i wait for 10 min but nothing comes i tried twice but no results please help me and tell me what should i do?

    1. after you choose to launch the live BT click tab and you will see text splash vga=791–
      so make this one
      text splash vga=791 i915.modeset=1
      and clic enter

  3. Hye, i’m stuck at the point where I must choose the boot loader location. I’ve chose the /dev/sda5 which I’ve created earlier, comes the problem, the ‘Ok’ button can’t be clicked. I’m using Intel Pentium u5400, aspire 1830TZ, 4gb ram,500gb hdisk if this would help. Thanks 🙂

  4. Err, installing side-by-side cant work as Windows Boot Loader could not detect my BT5 R3

    Following steps here also did not prove much, in fact, my BT5 can’t boot though it is listed.

    I may have to “scan” through all the partitions for my bootldr for BT5 nia..


    I tik BT5 R3 abit different.

    My WinXP no problem, my windows 7 have this issue

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