PengPod Linux Android tablet

What about the PengPod tablet?

Everybody seems to be jumping into the tablet business. And why not? Together with smartphones, they are the hottest-selling devices on the planet. And those powered by Android hold top market share.

A relatively new name in the tablet-space is PengPod, made by Peacock Imports, a Florida, US-based outfit. The PengPod tablet runs Linux on ARM/Allwinner SoC hardware.

So instead of just running a pure Android tablet, you get the option to run your favorite Linux distribution and Android in dual-boot fashion, provided your Linux distribution has an edition for the hardware.

There are currently three models of the PengPod – PengPod700 (7-inch screen), PengPod1000 (10-inch screen), and PengPod Stick (USB device).

The common specs for a PengPod are:

  • Allwinner A10 processor
  • Support for Linux and Android in dual-boot fashion on SD card
  • HDMI port
  • 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage
  • USB, OTG-WiFi
  • Front Camera (1.3M for PengPod700 and 0.3M for the PengPod1000)
  • Speakers

Compared to high-end Android tablets, a PengPod is nothing to rave about, but a device of this sort that makes it possible to dual-boot my favorite Linux distribution gets on my buying list. That the price is around $120:00 USD makes it even better.
PengPod Linux Android tablet

The PengPod is made possible by crowd-funding. More about the devices here.

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