Zentyal is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu Server. The current stable edition is Zentyal 2.2, with Zentyal 3 as the next stable version. Unlike other distributions that release at least two versions per year, Zentyal takes a less rapid-fire development model, releasing only one stable version per year.

It is designed to perform any number of roles in an enterprise or home environment. And all the management tasks can be performed from a user-friendly, browser interface. Zentyal 3 will be based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The latest pre-stable release is Zentyal 3 Release Candidate 2.

This article brings you screen shots from a test installation of this Release Candidate that show what you will get from Zentyal when the next stable version is released.

Zentyal is primarily managed from a browser interface. After installation, the first task is to determine what role you want Zentyal to play in your network environment, then install the modules associated with that specific role. As shown in the image below, there are four roles.
Zentyal Roles

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This shows the features that come with the Gateway server role.
Zentyal Roles

Features of the Infrastructure server role.
Zentyal Roles

Features of the Office role.
Zentyal Roles

Features of the Communication role.
Zentyal Roles

Zentyal’s features are delivered in package Modules. This shows installable Modules.
Zentyal Modules

When you click on an icon for a server role, the Modules that will be installed for that role will be highlighted. All four server roles can be installed at the same time.
Zentyal Roles

There are three editions of every Zentyal release – Community, Small Business, and Enterprise. The Community edition is available via a free basic subscription. Use it at your own risk because the are no updates, or those that are available are not assured for quality.
Zentyal Community Edition

This image shows the features that come with the Small Business Edition.
Zentyal Small Business

Features that come with the Enterprise Edition.
Zentyal Enterprise Edition

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The last two screen shot show two features not available with the Community Edition.
Zentyal Enterprise Edition

Zentyal Enterprise Edition

For a distribution with a free edition that is not certified for use in a production environment, Zentyal is not for me, but if you are willing to be a paid customer, and want to take Zentyal for a spin, you may download Zentyal 3 Release Candidate 2 from here and take a look at the Roadmap.


These screen shots were added in response to Robb’s comments. See my reply to his comment below.

This screen shot was taken from this article on Zentyal’s website.
Zentyal Editions Compare 4

The next three screen shots were taken from Zentyal edition comparison PDF file, also on Zentyal’s website.

This is from the first page of that PDF file.
Zentyal Editions Compare 1

This is from the lower part of the first page of the PDF file.
Zentyal Editions Compare 2

And this is from page 2 of that PDF file.
Zentyal Editions Compare 3


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5 Responses

  1. Is it possible to automatically assign the encryption pass so it is not requested every time the server is started?

  2. Could you kindly provide a working configuration scenario for port forwarding in zentyal?
    i cant use my webserver behind the zentyal server even after configuring port forwarding on eth2 (WAN) to be forwarded to webserver local IP.
    Any idea!

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