Zorin OS 6 Core preview

Zorin OS 6 Tweak Tool

I do not have the exact numbers, but I think it is save to say that there are more distributions that are based on Ubuntu than on any other (actively) developed distribution. While most add no real value to the system, a few attempt to do something different, even if slightly, from the parent distribution.

Zorin OS is one of those distributions that attempt to bring something different to the Linux desktop. But what exactly does Zorin OS bring to the table? An Ubuntu-based distribution with a Microsoft Windows 7 theme. The objective is to make it easier for Windows users to switch to Linux.

A Linux distribution with a Microsoft Windows 7 theme is something that I care very little about, but that is what Zorin OS brings to the table. Zorin OS is sponsored by Zorin Group, which also offers computers powered by Zorin OS. There are two editions of Zorin OS: Zorin OS Core and Zorin OS Ultimate. The latter is available for a fee and comes with technical support. The latest release is Zorin OS 6. This article, using screen shots from a test installation of Zorin OS Core, is an introduction of Zorin OS to our readers.

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This is the boot menu.
Zorin OS 6 Core Boot Menu

Zorin OS uses the same graphical installation program used by Ubuntu Desktop, so installing it should present a very familiar installation program for many users. This screen shot shows the Splash Screen.
Zorin OS 6 Splash Screen

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And here is the default desktop.
Zorin OS 6 Core Desktop

Default desktop showing the Windows 7-style menu.
Zorin OS 6 Core Desktop Menu

Another look at the desktop.
Zorin OS 6 Core Desktop User Widget

Installed Internet applications as seen from the Windows 7-style menu.
Zorin OS 6 Core Desktop Menu Apps

If you do not like the Windows 7 theme, Zorin Look Changer makes it easy to switch to other themes.
Zorin OS 6 Core Look Changer

Installed office applications as seen from the GNOME 2 theme.
Zorin OS 6 Core GNOME 2 Theme

Installed multimedia applications as seen from the GNOME 2 theme.
Zorin OS 6 Core GNOME 2 Menu

Zorin Software Center is the same graphical package manager available on Ubuntu.
Zorin OS 6 Software Center

Familiar with Ubuntu Tweak Tool? It is also on Zorin OS.
Zorin OS 6 Tweak Tool

You may download Zorin OS 6 Core from here.


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9 years ago

For those who did not have enough screenshots here, please see more:

Ronie Walter @ I-Quest Houston Texas eNet Developer
Ronie Walter @ I-Quest Houston Texas eNet Developer
Reply to  darkduck
9 years ago

Thanks, This screenshots were very helpful. BTW, about zorin os review, I think this is one of the most important information for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But wanna remark on few general things, The website style is ideal, the articles is really nice. Good job

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