MATE Panel Position

Flip Cinnamon panel to top of desktop

Advancement is supposed to make stuff easier to use, but that has not been the case on free software desktop environments. Tasks that used to take one or two mouse clicks, now takes several. Ones that are usually accomplished in one or two phases, now takes three.

GNOME 3 is a perfect example, but it is not the only one. I could cite many examples from the K Desktop Environment too. Even Cinnamon, a desktop environment that was created out of dissatisfaction with the stock GNOME 3 interface, has it share of one-too-many-mouse-clickers.

Take the panel, for example, which on Cinnamon is on the bottom edge of the desktop by default. In MATE/GNOME 2, to move the panel to the top of the desktop you would click on the panel, then select Settings. From the Settings window shown below, choosing Top from the Orientation menu will move the panel to the top of the desktop. Nothing more.
MATE Panel Position

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Now, let us see how to accomplish the same task in Cinnamon. This was done on Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon (see Linux Mint 13 MATE/Cinnamon preview), the latest edition of the popular Linux distribution. To start, click the panel settings applet. That is the one just to the left of the network manager applet. Select Panel Settings.
Cinnamon Panel Settings

On the Cinnamon Settings window, select Flipped (panel at the top) from the Desktop Layout menu. Close the window.
Linux Mint 3 Cinnamon Panel Settings

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Next, click the panel settings applet. Click on Troubleshoot, then on Restart Cinnamon. That is it.
Restart Cinnamon Desktop

See, now the panel is at the top edge of the desktop, though it took us one more step that doing the same thing on MATE/GNOME 2.
Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon Top Panel

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