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How  to delete Superfish from Lenovo computers permanently

How to delete Superfish from Lenovo computers permanently

So Lenovo has been reeling from the self-inflicted wound called Superfish, VisualDiscovery or WindowShopper. No sympathies from me, buster. What else have you done in the past that nobody found out? If you have no idea what Superfish is, here’s a very brief summary. Superfish is an adware installed on some Lenove consumer computers. The actual name is WindowShopper or […]

The ideal value of listen.backlog when setting PHP-FPM pm = ondemand

I recently wrote about the impact that setting how PHP-FPM’s process manager controls child processes from dynamic (pm = dynamic) to ondemand (pm = ondemand) has on RAM usage. You may read the article at How to reduce PHP-FPM (php5-fpm) RAM usage by about 50%. One other interesting PHP-FPM setting I got to learn a little bit more about while […]

For an editor, Atom uses way too much RAM

For an editor, Atom uses way too much RAM

For some time now I’ve been using Atom as a replacement for Kate, KWrite and GEdit, depending on the desktop environment I’m using. That’s because it’s much easier and faster to take notes when you’re formatting with MarkDown. If you’ve never heard about Atom, it’s a text editor from the folks at GitHub and officially described as a “hackable text […]

How to configure Ubuntu 14.04 server to forward root mails to your email address

This short tutorial shows how to configure a Ubuntu 14.04 Cloud server to forward system-generated mails sent to the root account to your email address. Why would you want to forward mails sent to root to an email address? Because most properly-configured Cloud servers are managed using a (normal) user account with sudo (root) privileges. So unless you switch to […]

Why did this server run out of disk space?

Less than two hours after I logged into the admin end of this website, which is powered by WordPress, the site went offline, with a 502 Bad Gateway error. What the…? So I logged in via ssh and noticed a serious lag between when I type a letter and when it appears on the screen. I’ve got a problem. And […]

MIPS Creator C120 development board and Debian 7

MIPS Creator C120 development board and Debian 7

Back in December 2014 I won a Creator C120 single board computer from Imagination Technologies, a technology outfit based in Hertfordshire (UK). The Creator C120 is a development board for Linux and Android. It’s powered by a dual-core MIPS32 CPU (1.2 GHz) and a PowerVR SGX540 GPU. Add to that 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB NAND Flash, two USB […]

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