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Black Friday ticket sale for Algorithm 2022 conference in Dallas

Algorithm 2022 Black Friday sale

It’s that time of the year when you get to buy some of the things you need at unbelievable discounts. And so to add one more item to the list of those things you’ll buy this Black Friday sale period, we’re offering you a whopping 40% discount off the price of a regular ticket to attend Algorithm 2022, a 3-day conference on blockchains, cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence scheduled for Feb. 10 – 12 in Dallas, Texas.

This unbeatable sale ends Tuesday, Nov. 30, so be hurry now and buy your ticket using the BF40 discount code.

As a reminder, we have assembled an awesome cast of speakers already, including:

  • Oleksandr Bornyakov, a Deputy Minister in Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation. His keynote will center on the regulation of cryptocurrencies in his country.
  • Omar Syed, Blockchain Lead and Founder of the Shardus project. Omar lives right here in Dallas, and with Shardus, he’s building a distributed ledger technology with state sharding and linear scaling, features needed by truly scalable and decentralized global scale applications.
  • Captain Michael Kanaan, the Director of Operations, U.S. Air Force/MIT Artificial Intelligence.

The complete roster of confirmed speakers is available here, with more yet to come.

Meanwhile, take advantage of this massive Black Friday ticket sale by purchasing your ticket today!



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