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For an editor, Atom uses way too much RAM

For some time now I’ve been using Atom as a replacement for Kate, KWrite and GEdit, depending on the desktop environment I’m using.

That’s because it’s much easier and faster to take notes when you’re formatting with MarkDown.

If you’ve never heard about Atom, it’s a text editor from the folks at GitHub and officially described as a “hackable text editor for the 21st Century”. It’s really nice. Give it a try.

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As much as I love using it, Atom is a memory hug hog. Used long enough, it will be using up more RAM than Firefox. Check this screenshot, for example.
Atom RAM usage

Yep, that’s Atom, with four open tabs chewing up more than 1.5 GB of RAM on a Fedora 20 KDE desktop. That’s more RAM usage than Firefox with 28 open tabs spread across two windows. And all I’m using Atom for is simple text editing. That’s clearly a bug that needs to be fixed. Time to file a bug-reporting.

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  1. > quote::As much as I love using it, Atom is a memory hug.::quote

    > What’s a memory hug?

    Well, let me see… ahm, oh, yeah… that’s when a program takes all the memory for itself, as if it were — figuratively — embracing all memory.

    Like when one tries to embrace a hog… oops…

    • Well, thanks for pointing out a grammatical error.

      • That was an answer to Tracyanne. I seem to have misused the comment system…

        Being on-topic, thanks for pointing the memory issue: I too plan on using Markdown and that will be taken into account when selecting an editor.

  2. quote::As much as I love using it, Atom is a memory hug.::quote

    What’s a memory hug?

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