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Install Cinnamon on Fedora 18

Fedora 18 beta was released a couple of days ago, and though the final version will not hit public download mirrors until early January next year, most aspects of the system are already in stable state, that is, they are 100% ready for your desktop.

The Cinnamon desktop is one of those aspects that you can run on your system right now. But keep in mind that because there is no separate installation image for Cinnamon, the only way you can run it is by installing its packages from an existing installation of Fedora. The packages are in the default repository, so you just need to install them using the package manager, logout and log back in using the Cinnamon session.

This article just shows the simple step you need to take to have Cinnamon running on your desktop. I’ve posted screen shots from a test installation of Fedora 18 beta GNOME here and I can tell you from personal experience that a default installation of the Cinnamon desktop is much better in virtually every aspect than a similar installation of Fedora 18 GNOME.

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Ok, to install Cinnamon, launch the graphical package and search for “cinnamon.” The search results should look just like the one shown in the screen shot below. Select Cinnamon (cinnamon-desktop), then click the Apply Changes button.
Fedora 18 Install Cinnamon

After the installation has completed, logout and log back in. Just be sure to select Cinnamon from the Session menu before logging back in. If you need to customize the desktop, how to customize Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon offers a few tips.

The next screen shots show what the desktop looks like. This is the default desktop showing the menu.
Fedora 18 Cinnamon Desktop

The desktop with the menu showing installed applications in the Office menu category.
Fedora 18 Cinnamon Office Apps

Expo view of the desktop. This view lets you see the active workspaces or virtual desktops. You can also add extra workspaces from this view.
Fedora 18 Cinnamon Expo

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Scale view of the desktop. Scale view lets you see all open window applications on the current workspace.
Fedora 18 Cinnamon Scale

The desktop showing the Firewall-applet in action. Note that the Firewall-applet is not installed by default.
Fedora 18 Cinnamon Firewall

The desktop showing the Date widget.
Fedora 18 Cinnamon Date

You may download an installation image of Fedora 18 beta for your platform from here. Since you can install Cinnamon’s packages from any edition, it does not matter which installation image you download.

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