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Fedora 17 KDE review

On network security, Firewalld was supposed to be the new firewall application for Fedora, but it still not yet production-ready. Though another blogger reported that it is installed, Firewalld and Firewall-applet are not installed by default. Even when you do manager to install, firewall-applet is not even usable, so it does not really make sense to install it.

So for managing the firewall in Fedora 17, system-config-firewall is still the installed graphical interface. Out of the box, it is configured to allow connections from all sources to ssh service, a service provided by OpenSSH server. And that is a major drawback of system-config-firewall: creating more granular rules is not a simple point-and-click operation. That requires knowing how to write firewall rules in Linux.
Fedora 17 Firewall

Fedora 17 gives you all the tools with which to build a very usable Linux desktop or server. The problem, for inexperienced users, is that some of the most important after-installation tasks have to be done from the command line. An example is adding extra repositories. It would be much better to have the ability to add repositories in Apper, just as it is on the graphical package manager on Mandriva, ROSA and Mageia.

Resources: You may download installation ISO images of Fedora 17 KDE and other Spins from here. And read the Release Notes.

Screen Shots: View more screen shots from my test installations of Fedora 17 KDE.

Fedora 17 KDE login screen
Fedora 17 KDE Login Screen

Another look at the default desktop.
Fedora17 KDE Desktop Widgets

A view from the KDE Plasma Netbook interface.
Fedora 17 KDE Plasma Netbook

Dolphin with the ROSA theme icons. Much better than the default Oxygen theme icons. You may add ROSA theme icons to your Fedora 17 installation by following instructions in this article.
Fedora 17 KDE Dolphin ROSA Theme

Fedora 17 KDE Online Activity

Wondering what Calligra look like?
Fedora 17 KDE Calligra

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