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Fedora 13 review

Features that don’t work too well, or that could give you a headache:

  1. SELinux – This is a security tool designed to provide and support access control policies. It is, in my opinion – opinion based on experience, a very complex solution to a not so complex problem. If you are are thinking about hopping to Fedora, this is one tool that could make your experience very unpleasant. Best to disable it.
  2. Multimedia codecs – Because Fedora only ships Free Software, that is, applications that are not patent-encumbered, all the multimedia applications that your browser needs to render multimedia content, or that Totem needs to play encrypted DVD videos are not in the default repository.
  3. No media center applications – Moovida and XBMC are the two widely available, open source media center applications on Linux. XBMC is pre-installed on Sabayon and it’s in the main repository of virtually all Linux and BSD desktop distributions. You won’t find either in Fedora’s default repo.
  4. The default allocation of disk space to the logical volumes does not make sense. See a detailed discussion of this subject here.
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Recommendations – Fedora 13 is a very stable update. If you want to play with advanced features that are not available on other distributions, such as installing to Storage Area Networks (SANs) or disks attached to mainframes, then you should give it a try.

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