Docker daemon command

Docker 1.8 and the New Daemon Command

Docker 1.8 was released just about a month ago.

With it came some very much requested and needed features, like Docker Content Trust, Docker Toolbox, and a few others.

In this link-to blog post, you’ll read about a new command that also made its debut in Docker 1.8.

It begins like this:

Docker 1.8 fixes a long term problem with handling of command line options. It introduces the docker daemon command which segregates the global options from the daemon options.

Docker daemon is a background server side process that manages images and containers. It is a child of the init system e.g systemd and can be started using systemd unit files. For the purpose of this article we will using linux distribution fedora.

A system administrator can execute systemctl start docker to start the docker daemon.

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Docker daemon command

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