ur1 blacklists Tor Browser

Use Tor Browser, get your computer blacklisted

For the past few years I’ve been using a URL shortening service called ur1. It is a GPL-licensed URL shorterner from StatusNet Inc..

Why employ the services of goo.gl, t.co and bit.ly If I can do just as well by using a similar service from super-friendly folks?

But I was surprised today when I tried to use it from Tor Browser and it failed to generate a short URL. Instead, I got this message: “Your computer is blacklisted; cannot make ur1s!”

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Just to be sure, I verified that I could shorten the same and other URLs from Firefox and Chromium and even Opera 26. And I also verified that I can employ the services of goo.gl, t.co and bit.ly to shorten any URL when using Tor Browser.

ur1 blacklists Tor Browser

Figure 1: ur1 blacklists a computer for using its services from Tor Browser.

Not sure what the heck is going on here, but I don’t want to believe that StatusNet will intentionally prevent its services from being used via the Tor Network. I’ll update this post When I get a response from StatusNet.

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