For those new to Linux, the command line can be a scary pace to be. But that’s not because it is inherently scary, just that most computer users prefer fancy graphical interfaces. In general, humans prefer fancy graphical interfaces.

That’s just the way it is. You can’t force somebody who needs a computer that just work to start using the command line. But if like me, you spend much of your computing time at the command line, you’ll probably agree with me that our command-line could use some feature upgrade.

Enter Final Term, a new terminal emulator being developed by Philipp Emanuel Weidmann, a mathematician and Linux Software Engineer from Heidelberg, Germany.

It is still a work in progress, but the features that have been implemented show that in the very near future (even now, to some extent), time spent performing your daily computing tasks at the Linux command line will be a more joyful experience.

Ok, what makes Final Term so great, even at this stage in its development? Plenty. To sum it all up, it is like a super cool and decked-out IDE (ok, that’s hype, but…), with intelli-sense support. The following screen shots should offer a glimpse in to what’s in store for the Linux command line.

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Yep, that’s what it is. Start typing and commands from your command history with letters that match the first ones you just typed show up. Sure, you can grep the history command, but that in itself requires typing a complete command just to find the command your are looking for. This is much better.
Final Term terminal emulator Linux

I can run a previous command by typing, for example, !ssh, but how about the ssh command before that?
Final Term terminal emulator Linux

And it will not just match the first letter of a command, but any where the letter appears in the command.
Final Term terminal emulator Linux

You can collapse the output of a command by using the graphic controls on the left edge of the terminal.
Final Term terminal emulator Linux

For a shell terminal, that’s neat, isn’t it?
Final Term terminal emulator Linux

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In a command out put like this, click on the name of a directory, and you get a list of commands that can be executed against the directory.
Final Term terminal emulator Linux

Same for a file, but with a few more options.
Final Term terminal emulator Linux

Sadly, it is not yet smart enough when it comes to multimedia files.
Final Term terminal emulator Linux

Final Term has a very simple configuration settings that’s a lot more simpler that the default shell terminal’s. I like Final Term so much that it has now replaced the old terminal for most of my command-line computing tasks. Like HotShots, it’s now one of my favorite accessories. I am happy the guy responsible for this did not decide to start his own distribution. We need more well-designed and user-friendly applications, not another distribution.
Final Term terminal emulator Linux

More information about Final Term is available at To install it in Ubuntu, type the commands given below. For other distributions, follow the guides given here.

1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:finalterm/daily

2. sudo apt-get update

3. sudo apt-get install finalterm


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78 Responses

  1. I disabled secure boot and fast boot and was able to see the usb drive after hitting F11 on boot. It allows me to select the usb drive to boot from, then the screen goes black for a second and it brings up the boot menu again. I select the usb drive again and it goes black and then just boots into windows 10. I used Rufus to create the USB, and selected “for bios or uefi” on one attempt and “gpt partition for uefi” on another attempt. I have read that you need to drop some files into a /efi/boot/ folder but I can’t find where to get the files to try that, all links are broken.

  2. What if my system gives me the option to run Legacy instead of UEFI? Im currently running windows 7 under Legacy a this time, so would I have any issues if I attempted just a regular dual install of Kali along side windows in Legacy or should I switch it over to UEFI for both? Sorry if its a stupid question but never ran into this issue before, always just wiped the drive for Kali.

    1. In that case, the Kali installer will detect that your computer is set to Legacy BIOS and boot into the version of the installer that supports it.

      If that doesn’t happen automatically, you’ll be given the option to select it.

      Manually, you can boot into the computer’s boot menu and see all the options available. There should be two options for booting into Kali – UEFI and USB. Select USB.

    1. TO access the boot menu, you typically have to press one of the F-keys – F2 or other. Sometimes the Del key. Depens on your computer. Check the documentation for your computer.

  3. I only get one Entry in the boot menu of my usb. I can not choose between UEFI: … and USB: …
    I use a 8GB pendrive and Kali 2016.01 . The pendrive was created with win32diskimager.

    What am I doing´wrong?

    1. When that has happened to me, it meant that the transfer to USB was not done right, so give it another try. Use a different application to effect the transfer.

  4. Hello, when im trying to install kali in my free space partitions it dosen’t recognize the free space mine partition shows “unused” instead of free space and then it dosen’t allow me to edit the partitions or even install kali.
    I will be very thanful if you reply.
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Are you using GPT or MBR partitions. If the latter, and the number of primary partitions is more than 4, then any unused or free space will not be usable. See this article.

      If you can, send me a screenshot of the partition manager from Windows.

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