Fedora 25 Cinnamon menu

It was lobbying by the GNOME devs that made GNOME 3 the default on Fedora, but now it seems that somebody has had enough. That somebody has proposed making the Cinnamon the default desktop environment on Fedora 19.

I don’t blame him.

I’ve always been of the opinion that as far a desktop computing goes, and how people interface or interact with their desktop, that there’s something fundamentally wrong with GNOME Shell. It sits atop beautiful technology, but that UI just doesn’t compute. And the problem is that the GNOME devs are not willing to accept that simple fact.

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But if this proposal is accepted, they will lose a major distro and, hopefully, will be forced to rethink the GNOME Shell.

According to Eric Smith, the guy behind this proposal:

The Gnome 3 interface is substantially different that the traditional desktop interfaces on both Linux and Windows. While it is good that there is research into new user interface concepts, many users prefer to have a traditional interface that they are accustomed to. … I’m not trying to start (or continue) a flame war here, so I won’t state any of my own criticisms of Gnome Shell here, but I will observe that a number of very high profile people in the Linux community, such as Linus Torvalds and Alan Cox, have publicly announce that due to problems with Gnome Shell they are switching to a different desktop and/or Linux distribution.

I submit the proposition that it is easier for a user doing a new Fedora install to start with a traditional desktop, and switch to the Gnome Shell if they prefer that, than to start with Gnome Shell and switch to a traditional desktop.

His proposal gets my vote.

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47 Responses

    1. Of course this is just one of many opinions. Gnome sucks rhino ass, and i’ve dabbled in kde, just not my prefference. A good alround start point would either be cinn or xfce and then revert if one wants.

    1. I share exactly the same feelings. At the beginning I hated the new gnome but after spending some time with it I started to live it.

      At work I have some server-like Red Hat machines with gnome 2, and desktops with Fedora. Every time I have to use gnome 2 I have a feeling being put in a time machine and send back to the 90’s. It is so utterly ugly and counter-productive environment. With gnome3 I hardly touch the mouse and I don’t waste time for browsing the menu in search of tools (Is terminal in system, accessories or what category on this machine? Did you put pdf browser in office,
      accessories or where?).

      Anyway I believe if someone can’t install on Fedora the Cinnamon, KDE or whatever environment she/he prefers
      it is high time to think about moving to some
      beginners-oriented distro, like Mint or Ubuntu.

      1. Right! Working with many windows in Gnome Shell is perfectly easy and fast. I have that feeling, that everything is on right place in Gnome Shell, right colors, right shadows by default… I just love Gnome Shell. 🙂

        P.S: Unfortunately, I have to use Win on my job and Red Hat without DE, but that Red Hat is the big plus in comparison with Win!:)

  1. I don’t care if Cinnamon is a fork, or if it’s based on Gnome3.
    For me Cinnamon is not just an option, it’s a need!!!

    1. I’m a developer as well and don’t feel any negative effects. Don’t use your profession to present your personal feelings as facts.

  2. +1 for Gabriel. I don’t know why some people hate GNOME shell, might be they are not like to change their old habits. For me GNOME 3 shell is the most revolutionary move I saw on the Linux world in the last years. I installed even alpha releases of some OSs like openSuse to test their newest features. GNOME team have a clear vision and plans to conqueror in the Linux world. They simplified the UI, built extensions for more customizations, reinvented the OS installation, app installations, main apps and etc. I know some people will not like to that sentence but these are the things Apple did when they’re planing iOS, these are the things Microsoft did when they’re planing Windows 8.
    Linux is more powerful than any other OS environments but why everyone is not using it, Because for some of them it’s hard to install, hard to manage their favorite apps and some of them don’t know how to use it. That’s why we need to simplified the environment. This is the Mobile era and we need everything touchscreen friendly. I think these are things GNOME team considered when they are planing GNOME Shell and GNOME OS.
    Fedora is the main distro for GNOME Sell and Fedora is a main distro for pure free and open source on mind. They had some tough times with Fedora 18 and now they have entered short release cycles. It’ll be a great news for Gnome users with Gnome 3.8 features. For this moment the only thing we need from Fedora project is to give their full support for GNOME team and to help them to achieve the concept of GNOME OS.

    1. Given that the GNOME devs do not make an OS, how did they “reinvented the OS installation”?

      …but why everyone is not using it, Because for some of them it’s hard to install, hard to manage their favorite apps and some of them don’t know how to use it.

      Aside from Fedora 19, how many distributions of Linux with a gui installer is hard to install? List them.

      With so many beautiful gui package managers, how can anybody find it “hard to manage their favorite apps”?

      1. How did GNOME reinvent the OS Installer : https://live.gnome.org/GnomeOS/Design/Whiteboards/Installer . I’m not telling that Fedora has followed this completely but they got some designs from this and still it’s not fully completed.

        GUI installers : I have faced many problems even when I installed Ubuntu and fedora in several times mostly when the boot loaders(grub2) were installing. But I have to tell that Suse prompts to install alternatives when the first attempt failed. It’s really easy if you are installing only a fresh OS, but otherwise it is not that much easy for everyone and you know it.

        Installing softwares : I agree with you but can you find your every favorite applications on a software center in every destro and can you install/configure them without using the terminal? And I’m not telling that GNOME is the Completed solution but it has a hope 🙂

  3. I think Gnome 3 is like VI editor of unix, beginner hate it, but when beginner try it and become expert, he never return back.

    So, every one who not liking gnome 3 should try this at least for one month to be come use to it.

  4. Hi!

    I couldn’t disagree more. I’ve been using gnome shell for over a year (or is it two already?) and I’m incredibly happy with it. It feels really natural to my way of working and I think it enhances my focus and productivity. And it looks like other os are moving towards a similar UI.

    Those are my two cents.

        1. Was doing that in both Gnome 1 and Windows 95. Nothing new there. The only thing “new” is that the same company that said the commandline was dead had gone back to using a commandline type interface.

    1. I agree with Gabriel, I was not 100% on board with the change at first but I love Gnome 3 now. To each their own and all that, but I do feel way more productive in Gnome 3. When you learn the shortcut keys and start using them you just get things done faster. Yes, I am quite aware of the fact that shortcut keys exist in all other desktops, they just don’t feel like they flow as well.

      I do not intend to try to discredit anyone else or their preferences, I only add that there are many of us that do NOT want Gnome 3 to go away. If you love KDE, Cinnamon, Mate, Unity, or any other desktop then grab a spin (or another distro) that has that or install it yourself. That is why Linux is great. For those of you who dislike Gnome 3, you should understand that there are tons of other people that love it.

    2. I agree with Gabriel. I have installed Unity, Gnome Shell and Mate for family members and they universally love Gnome Shell, hate Unity and find Mate rather ordinary. I find Gnome Shell the most productive interface yet, especially now that it is so tweakable.

      And Adrian, Cinnamon IS Gnome 3. Learn the difference between Gnome Shell and Gnome 3. I bet you havn’t even used a current Gnome Shell except perhaps for a few minutes.

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