Dual-boot Linux Mint 11 and Windows 7

After installation, the computer will reboot into Windows 7, As stated earlier, the next task is to add an entry for Linux Mint 11 in Windows 7’s boot menu. The easiest method of accomplishing that is to download and install EasyBCD, a free application by NeoSmart Technologies. After installing it, start the program, then click on the Add New Entry tab.

In the Add New Entry tab, click on the Linux/BSD tab, then select “GRUB 2” from the Type dropdown menu. Edit the Name field to reflect what is being added. Click the Add Entry button. Click on the Edit Boot Menu tab.

This gives you a preview of the entries in the boot menu. Exit EasyBCD and reboot the computer.

This is what you will see. To verify that the dual-boot operation was really successful, boot into Linux Mint 11.

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This is Linux Mint’s GRUB menu. Notice that there is an entry for Windows 7 at the end. It was appended to the menu by GRUB. If you change your mind about booting into Linux Mint 11, you can still boot into Windows 7 without restating the computer.

Extra Tips:

  • If you want a prettier boot menu than GRUB’s default, you can replace GRUB with BURG by using the steps given here.
  • If you ever get tired of using Windows 7’s boot loader, and you want to install GRUB in the MBR of the hard disk, log into Linux Mint, open a shell terminal and type sudo grub-install ‘(hd0)’. Those, by the way, are single quotes.
  • And if you want to go back to using Windows 7’s boot loader, log into Windows 7, start EasyBCD, then click on the Bootloader Setup tab. Click on the Write MBR button. Now, you have to add an entry for Linux Mint 11 just like you did previously.
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