Manual disk partitioning guide for Linux Mint Debian Edition

The second partition will be used for swap space. Note that it is being created as a primary partition. It could be a logical partition, but for this tutorial, I am creating it as a primary partition. About 3 GB should be enough. Make sure to select linux-swap from the File system dropdown menu. Add.

At this stage, it is recommended that the next partition you create be an extended partition, rather than a primary partition. Creating an extended partition makes it possible to create more than the default of four partitions. Allocate all the available disk space to this partition.

Now that the extended partition has been created, the next task is to create the logical partitions. To do that, select the free space as shown, then click to create.

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The first logical partition (third partition) will be used for the root file system directory. The size you allocate to this will depend on whether you want to create separate partitions for /usr, /var, and /tmp. If as in this example installation you want to install everything, except /home, under /, then a disk space of around 10 GB should be enough. Keep in mind that a new installation of LMDE uses about 3.2 GB of disk space. If you have the disk space to spare, you can go higher than 10 GB.

Keep in mind that LVM, the Linux Logical Volume Manager, is not in use here, so resizing the partitions after installation will not be an easy process.

This is the last partition we are going to create, and it will be used for /home, and will be allocated the rest of the free disk space. Add.

Note: Depending your needs, you might want to create separate partitions for other file system directories, like /usr, /var, and /tmp.

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When you are done creating partitions, click as shown to apply the changes.

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