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How to install Exodus wallet on any Linux distribution

Exodus wallet is a cross-platform, dual-use crypto-wallet that’s truly fun to use. Its interface is about the cleanest I’ve come across, and it’s dual-use, because it also functions as an exchange platform – it can be used to trade several popular cryptocurrencie.

This article shows how to install it on any Linux distribution.

To accomplish that, you first have to download it, which you can do by visiting the project’s download page. Then click on the appropriate button to download the zip file for Linux. At the time of this publication, the latest release is v1.32.0. After the download has completed, installing Exodus simply involves unzipping the file and running the executable buried two directories deep. The following show the steps from after downloading it to running it:

Despite those errors, the application will work. And using npm to install secp256k1 will not make any difference to that part of the output about Secp256k1.

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So at the end of the error-filled output, the programs starts. Figure 1 shows the main interface.

Exodus wallet
Figure 1: Portfolio interface of Exodus wallet

This shows the complete list of cryptocurrencies supported by the Exodus wallet.

Exodus v1.32.0
Figure 2: Complete list of cryptocurrencies supported by Exodus as of v1.32.0

The Wallet interface of Exodus.

Exodus wallet
Figure 2: Wallet interface of Exodus wallet

And the Exchange interface.

Exodus wallet exchange interface
Figure 3: Exchange interface of Exodus wallet

With Exodus installed, you may now receive, send and trade the supported cryptocurrencies.

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  1. Zoran Puric

    How to install Exodus wallet on Ubuntu?

    Double click on icon not working.

    In terminal command ./Exodus not working as well.
    getting error:

    ./Exodus: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Running Exodus as admin not helping.
    Tried to uzip in folder manually or automatically. Same thing.
    Please help!

  2. Hi, thanks, but where do you launch Exodus after you have installed it please?

    • After downloading and unzipping it, navigate into the directory it was extracted into, then type ./Exodus.

      That is the 3rd command in the article’s code block.

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