Let's Encrypt free SSL certificates

Secure an Apache website with a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on Fedora

Editor: This article was originally titled “LetsEncrypt now available in Fedora” and originally published on Fedora Magazine. For correctness, all references to “LetsEncrypt” have been changed to Let’s Encrypt.

Let’s Encrypt recently entered into a public beta. Thanks to the work of the Let’s Encrypt team and Fedora packagers, the official Let’s Encrypt client is now available in both Fedora 23 and Rawhide.

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To learn how Let’s Encrypt works or what it is, you can read more in the Fedora Magazine article announcing the public beta launch. In this article, we provide a basic configuration to secure an Apache HTTPD-based site with a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Using let’s Encrypt in Fedora Continue reading.

Let's Encrypt free SSL certificates

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