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Converting Apache Rewrite Rules to Nginx Rewrite Rules

Last week we published a blog about Creating NGINX Rewrite Rules.

In this complementary blog, we’ll discuss how to convert Apache HTTP server rewrite rules to NGINX Plus syntax (the conversions are the same for the open source NGINX software).

You need to convert to NGINX rewrite rules when you place NGINX Plus in front of your Apache servers to take over as the reverse proxy or load balancer, or when you replace Apache servers with NGINX Plus servers. Keep in mind that NGINX and NGINX Plus do not support per-directory configuration files (Apache’s .htaccess files), so you need to convert them in particular.

We’ll assume you’re familiar with Apache rewrite rules and with how NGINX Plus processes URLs. For a review of the return, rewrite, and try_files directives in NGINX Plus and NGINX, see Creating NGINX Rewrite Rules.

Converting a Rule that Adds the www Prefix Continue reading.

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