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Kubuntu 15.10 screenshot preview

It’s the first day of October 2015, the month when the second and last release (for the year) of all Ubuntu-based distributions are released. That won’t be until the tail end of the month, but the last pre-stable editions have already being made available for testing.

As best as I can, I’ve been doing my own testing, and accumulating screenshots.

In this article, I’ll share with you some of the screenshots I took from a test installation of Kubuntu 15.10 beta 2. Kubuntu is an Ubuntu derivative that uses the K Desktop Environment. This last pre-stable edition features the latest KDE Plasma 5, so some of the screenshots are a showcase of the latest and greatest from the KDE developers.

Figure 1 shows the login window.

Kubuntu 15.10 login
Figure 1: The KDE Plasma 5 login window on Kubuntu 15.10

The default desktop showing the panel calendar.

Kubuntu 15.10 desktop: The default desktop of Kubuntu 15.10 showing the panel calendar
Figure 2: The default desktop of Kubuntu 15.10 showing the panel calendar

The same desktop showing the default menu style.

Kubuntu 15.10 menu
Figure 3: The desktop of Kubuntu 15.10 showing the default menu

An alternate menu style offers popup features.

Kubuntu 15.10
Figure 4: Another KDE 5 menu style on Kubuntu 15.10

Probably the best menu that KDE Plasma 5 has to offer is the Application Dashboard, a fullscreen app launcher that’s available via a widget.

KDE 5 Plasma Application dashboard
Figure 5: The Application Dashboard is a fullscreen app launcher for KDE 5

KRunner on KDE Plasma 5 is missing some features of the KDE 4 version, but I’m sure that will be taken of before very long.

KRunner on Kubuntu 15.10
Figure 6: KRunner on Kubuntu 15.10

The Dolphin file manager.

Dolphin file manager
Figure 7: Dolphin file manager on Kubuntu 15.10

KDE Plasma 5 System Settings in icon view mode.

KDE Plasma 5 System Settings
Figure 8: KDE Plasma 5 System Settings in icon view mode on Kubuntu 15.10

KDE Plasma 5 System Settings in tree view mode. I prefer tree view to icon view.

KDE Plasma 5 System Settings
Figure 9: KDE Plasma 5 System Settings in tree view mode on Kubuntu 15.10

The Online Accounts module of KDE Plasma 5 System Settings has support for IBM Sametime, Office 365, and Telegram services.

KDE Plasma 5 online accounts
Figure 10: Supported online accounts of KDE Plasma 5

The User Manager module looks good, but no choice of avatars just yet.

KDE Plasma 5 User Manager
Figure 11: User Manager module of KDE Plasma 5

Muon Discovery is the graphical package manager on Kubuntu 15.10. Now looks and feels much better than Ubuntu’s Software Center.

Muon Discovery
Figure 12: Muon Discovery Kubuntu 15.10

From Muon Discovery, you can actually install KDE Plasma 7 desktop widgets.

KDE Plasma 5 desktop widgets
Figure 13: Muon Discovery Kubuntu 15.10

That’s all the screenshots I have to share form Kubuntu 15.10 beta 2. Want to take it for a spin yourself? Then download an installation image from here.

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