Mageia 2 DVD Package Selection

Mageia 2 and the default GNOME 3 desktop

Mageia is a Linux distribution forked from Mandriva Desktop. Mageia 2 is the upcoming release, which is slated to be made available for public download just four days from today.

I have been messing around with the Release Candidate, whose installation image comes in a CD- or DVD-size ISO image. During the installation process, I observed that you are given the option to select what desktop environment to install, whether the installation is from a CD or DVD image. That is not how it used to be with this installer. But this new look is a good thing.

If using a CD-sized installation image, the step after disk partitioning should look just like this.
Mageia 2 CD Package Selection

And if using a DVD-sized installation image, it should first look like this.
Mageia 2 DVD Desktop Selection

Then like this, if you select the Custom option from the previous step.
Mageia 2 DVD Package Selection

Regarding the GNOME 3 desktop, I was hoping that the developers will at least make an attempt to customize the default desktop in a manner that makes it more user-friendly, just like that of Linux Deepin or Comice OS. But that is not what you will see if you install a Mageia 2 GNOME 3 desktop. Rather, you get the familiar but so user-unfriendly default GNOME 3 desktop. At least the wallpaper looks cool.
Mageia 2 Default GNOME 3 Desktop

And then, of course, you have the activities view. Given that final release is right around the corner, I do not think there will be any meaningful changes – if any – to the default desktop, but I hope that the developers do something about it by the next release.
Mageia 2 Default GNOME 3 Activities

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