Sabayon 5.4 E17 review

I will use the next three screenshots to illustrate one of E17’s weakest points. Left-clicking near the left-side of the desktop, you should see all available menu and sub-menu items.


Menu items from left of desktop

That should also be true when clicking around the middle of the desktop.


Menu items from center of desktop

Here is what happens when you click very close to the right side of the desktop.


Menu disappears

The Shelf settings manager. There are three active Shelves (Shelf 1, 5, and 6) by default


Shelf settings

The Gadgets manager, shown below, is used to add gadgets to the desktop.


Gadgets manager

This is the iBar application manager. It is used to add/remove applications icons from the iBar.



Final Thoughts: If the only achievement of this review is to discourage you from downloading and installing it on your computer just to see how good it is, I think the time spent in doing the same on my computer would not have been wasted. When the Sabayon teams dubbed this an “Experimental Spin,” it truly is. The Enlightenment desktop environment is clearly not ready for the desktop.

Resources: To learn more about the Enlightenment desktop environment, click here. Still feel like taking Sabayon 5.4 E17 out for a spin? Download it from a download mirror closest to your location.

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